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Buy Now Swiss eLearning Institute

Buy Now Swiss eLearning Institute

The Swiss eLearning Institute is an online educational platform, providing flexible learning courses that teach valuable skills for business.

Courses at the Swiss eLearning Institute are created by globally renowned academics, scientists and field professionals from Switzerland’s leading online university, the SMC University, thus ensuring the integrity of its academic foundation. Courses are designed to provide students with necessary and relevant knowledge that result in first-hand skills and tools that can be immediately applied in everyday life and business.

Enjoy Learning with Swiss eLearning Institute:

  • Well-developed, interesting courses steered towards self-development
  • Flexible schedules
  • No commuting to physical campuses
  • Tailor-made curriculum designed by networking professionals and academics
  • A learning environment in the comfort of where ever you wish
  • A Certificate of Achievement once you finish your course

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Courses Offered

Swiss eLearning Institute

The Art of Management

The Swiss eLearning Institute’s The Art of Management course is geared towards building the skillset to help perfect your management style. Created together with leading academic and professional management experts, the course puts a strong emphasis on building and strengthening your very own potential. All topics covered throughout the modular course are related to the daily challenges in the life of an entrepreneur, ensuring that those winning concepts and strategies immediately apply.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to management
  • Business plan
  • Risk management
  • Personnel management
  • Strategic management concepts
  • Financial management
  • Operations management
  • Leadership
Available languages: Arabic, English, French, Russian, Turkish

Wealth Management

An essential ingredient of success in today’s competitive economic environment is financial know-how. Without it, most struggle to make the important strategic and day-to-day decisions that allow them to accumulate wealth.

Swiss eLearning Institute’s Wealth Management course is a comprehensive financial programme that begins by establishing the three critical concepts of financial planning, debt and savings. The course then examines advanced topics such tax liabilities and insurance issues. Learn how to wisely invest your assets including investing in funds, retirement accounts, taxable accounts, educational expenses, real estate, insurances and more. Smartly evaluate your financial health and plan your financial goals with this course.

Topics covered:

  • Measuring your financial health
  • Establishing and achieving goals
  • Dealing with debt
  • Important investment concepts
  • Insurance
  • Working with financial planners
  • Using a computer to manage your money
  • Tactics to thwart identity theft and fraud
Available languages: English

Project Management

One of the skills most widely sought by employers is available to you in a convenient self-paced online course – Project Management. A great idea can easily fail due to poor project management but an average idea could produce great results with a strong project management led process. In this course, you will learn keys to delivering successful projects that are visible, repeatable, measureable and predictable.   

Topics covered:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Stakeholders
  • Management risks
  • Conflicts
  • Escalation
  • Execution
  • Control and Reporting

 Available languages: English

Presentation and Communication Skills

The Swiss eLearning Institute’s Presentation and Communication Skills course introduces aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs to their most important companion on their road to success: effective communication. By advancing through the course curriculum, proven communication, persuasion and negotiation concepts and strategies become essential tools in each participant’s skill set.

Based on a modular design provided by leading communication experts and trainers, each unit provides key concepts using a fresh, practical approach that is highly adaptable to individual needs. Graduates of this course are better equipped for daily, hourly interactions in both business and social situations.

Topics covered:

  • The nature of communication
  • Key elements of communication
  • Internal vs. external communication
  • Social Media
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Oral and written communication secrets
  • Introduction to persuasion
  • Successful communication in teams
Available languages: Arabic, English, French, Russian, Turkish

Performance Management

To ensure that your goals are consistently being met in an effective manner, you need to have efficient performance management skills. Not only high-level managers, but everyone, especially high achievers can also benefit from applying these skills to increase productivity and the profitability of an organisation. And more than just managing your network and its performance, Swiss eLearning Institute’s Performance Management course provides techniques and tools to enhance YOUR skills and also help you manage your own performance, set goals and meet them in an organised and systematic manner.

Topics covered:

  • Framework for development and improvement
  • Clarity on your network’s overall goals
  • Network empowerment and coaching
  • Leadership management style
  • Coaching
  • Setting objectives
  • Enhancing and measuring team performance
Available languages: English

Online Library

The Swiss eLearning Institute brings you its Online Library, a platform of business-related tools containing over 500 eBooks, videos, MP3’s, MP4’s, journals and more! With a monthly subscription fee, you can have all the information you want with just a few clicks, minus the long queues and dreary waiting time. Expand your business, gain more knowledge and improve your life. Subscribe to the Swiss eLearning Institute’s Online Library… and change your life today!

Motorsport Management

Combining strategic contacts in the sport with and inclusive course layout, Swiss eLearning Institute’s Motorsport Management course provides a comprehensive look into the single most technical sport in the world. Motorsport, just like any other business, involves a high-level of personnel and brand management, technological implementation, marketing, team building, and organisation. Real-life case studies from motorsport teams are analysed and discussed in-depth within the course framework to ensure an extensive as well as an enjoyable curriculum.

Topics covered:

  • Real case studies of motorsport management
  • Structure of motorsport teams
  • Effective leadership and management
  • Sponsorship
  • Sports marketing
  • Logistics
  • Embracing Change 
Available languages: English

Mini MBA

Give yourself an edge in the increasingly competitive world. Pick up business administration skills in order to start your own business, with the Swiss eLearning Institute’s Mini MBA course. Swiss eLearning Institute’s Mini MBA course mirrors some of the most important components of a world-class MBA programme. The course provides a detailed overview of many key concepts and theories. Learn the basic conceptual framework of business – business management, leadership skills, human capital management, finance and accounting, marketing and sales… just to name a few!

Topics covered:

  • Strategic insights of an MBA
  • Leadership in a new era
  • Managing human capital
  • Finance and accounting
  • Contextual ethics
  • Complexities of the legal environment
  • Negotiations and conflict resolution
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Marketing and sales
  • Empowerment of your career

 Available languages: Arabic, English, French, Russian


The Swiss eLearning Institute’s Marketing course is designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to reach out to new audiences and markets. Using invaluable hands-on insight from business owners that have successfully mastered their initial marketing challenges, the Swiss eLearning Institute has created a highly practical and accurate course that covers the most important aspects of the trade: identifying, building and managing customer relations, building and managing a strong brand, and effectively utilising Web 2.0 marketing means. Throughout the course, a broad scope of core concepts as well as the latest major trends will be covered, reflecting the forces that are impacting this ever-changing field, leaving you with the key tools to succeed at what you do best.


Topics covered:
  • Introduction to customer segmentation
  • Basics of consumer behaviour
  • Mastering the four ‘Ps’: Product, Price, Place, Promotion
  • Online marketing
  • Viral/Social media marketing

Available languages: Arabic, English, French, Russian, Turkish



Combine your passion and knowledge to get the right balance between your life and your career path. The Swiss eLearning Institute understands what it takes to get you there. We offer the dynamic Entrepreneurship course which provides insight into proven business strategies. The Entrepreneurship course allows you to channel your creativity and ambitions in a successful way. Be the boss and don’t get beaten. Learn the ropes to managing your own business empire. Brush up on your entrepreneurial skills and embrace the life of a true entrepreneur.


Topics covered:
  • Building a successful enterprise
  • Business & marketing plan
  • Opportunity and risk analysis
  • Entrepreneurial marketing
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Entrepreneurial leadership

Available languages: Arabic, English, French, Russian

English for Beginners

It is undeniable that in today’s globalised world, communication is the key to success and speaking just one language is no longer enough. Unlock the door to the world with Swiss eLearning Institute’s English for Beginners course as we guide you through the steps of learning English, covering everything from basic grammar, often used idioms and phrases to pronunciation and making conversations. Learn how to adapt English to your everyday life and practice scenarios you are most likely to encounter. Who says learning English is scary? This Swiss eLearning Institute’s Basic English course is specifically designed for non-native speakers to learn English in a fun and intuitive manner. And as they say, learning English with us is like a ‘walk in the park’.


Topics covered:
  • Grammar - Business English
  • Idioms and phrases
  • Speaking and pronunciations
  • Listening
  • Using English in everyday settings

Available languages: English


Utilise the Internet to maximise your business! Introducing you to the  rapidly developing field of eCommerce, the Swiss eLearning Institute’s eCommerce course allows you to understand the basics that are needed to develop your skills to build a successful online marketing business. This course is designed to familiarise individuals with current and emerging eCommerce technologies and then guide them through the various techniques such as email marketing, capitalising on the marketing phenomenon of social media, and online marketing solutions. Learn the tips and tricks that will push your business to another level.

Topics covered:

  • Online marketing basics
  • Online advertising and promotion
  • Online public relations
  • Enhancing your business through social media
  • Identifying and capturing online target markets
  • RSS feeds, email marketing, auto responders

Available languages: Arabic, English, French, Russian

Career Design

The Swiss eLearning Institute’s Career Design course offers vital support to those who have arrived at decisive points in their professional life. Personal crossroads, desire for new challenges, emerging entrepreneurial spirit, or additional education have one thing in common: the need for careful planning and consideration. Plan your next professional steps and motivate yourself. The Career Design course will help you master personal change and overcome fears, identify untapped potential, and provide dedication and commitment.

Topics covered:

  • A framework for personal and career reflections
  • Personal values, skills, and major goals
  • Planning, motivation, adherence to timelines and achieving goals
  • Guide to decision-making
  • Understanding and developing self-leadership
  • Personnel Management

Available languages: Arabic, English, French, Russian, Turkish

Business English

For business professionals, especially networkers, the ability to express yourself and your ideas are essential. Today, more than a billion people worldwide speak English. A billion people makes a billion business opportunities. This is why language skills, especially in English, the internationally recognised business language, are of utmost importance.

The Swiss eLearning Institute brings you this revolutionary Business English course. Broken down into three professionally planned learning sections, the Business English course is more than just your average language class. Forget your childhood experience of memorising vocabulary and chanting grammar rules – this course will seek to build a true foundation from which you can expand your communication skills in English, with a specific focus on language used to get ahead in business situations.

Topics covered:

  • Recapping your business English skills
  • Strengthening your grammar skills
  • Expanding your vocabulary
  • Enhancing your writing skills
  • Improving your business interactions

Available languages: English

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